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[I-coordination] What is 1net to me?

Stephane Van Gelder Consulting svg at
Mon Dec 2 10:43:38 CET 2013

The issue may not so much be whether 1net and the other events that
preceded it were truly bottom-up, but more whether these are initiatives
that the various Internet communities can rally behind.

It seems to me that the goal of keeping Internet Governance (IG) truly
multi stakeholder (MS) is one most (I would hope all, but you never know)
can rally behind.

So the question then becomes more how to safeguard this ideal, if it truly
is under attack.

Right now, from a PR point of view, I do not think 1net is a clear
initiative at all. As other have already remarked in this email chain,
Paul's article reinforces that view (the vagueness as to what 1net is for
at the end of the article is evident).

But conversely to others, I do not see this lack of current clarity as a
problem, but rather an opportunity. I see 1net as a (currently) empty
canvas, one that has been put in front of the Internet community as a whole
to shape as it will.

This is why I was keen to join this mailing list and participate in the
debate. If, through discussions, it transpires that 1net is actually one
vehicle too many and can never get clarity, then I hope at that point we
will all have the courage to pull its plug.

But there is also the possibility that 1net, by fostering discussions
within our community and allowing ideas to coalesce under the "defend MS IG
model" banner, may actually be of use...


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On 1 December 2013 18:39, John Curran <jcurran at> wrote:

> On Dec 1, 2013, at 10:56 PM, Jorge Amodio <jmamodio at> wrote:
> > Thanks Paul, good article.
> >
> > BTW, it is interesting to observe that leaders or CEO's, including the
> rogue (and after the fact damage control made by the Bod) move by ICANN's
> CEO, does not exactly represent bottom-up actions.
> >
> > Not a single iota of consultation with the real bottom was made in
> relation to the events mentioned in your article.
> Jorge -
> We're trying to catalyze an activity via the formation of "1net" (with an
> open call for participation
> including formation of the steering committee.)  As folks probably realize
> from the initial awkward
> steps, it actually would have been _much_ easier to have a I*-specified
> 1net leadership and an
> I*-provided list of specific goals, etc.
> I acknowledge there is an inherent conflict between a set of leaders
> meeting and then calling for
> an initiative to be formed versus waiting for it to form organically, but
> having now called for its
> formation and allowing folks to participate (or not), to shaping its
> direction (or not), to seat folks
> on the steering committee (or not); the only way "1net" will not be the
> result of bottom-up actions
> is from lack of  participation rather than lack of opportunity.   One
> would hope that folks who have
> contact with "the real bottom" will work to make that community aware of
> the initiative and enable
> their participation.
> Thanks!
> /John
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