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[I-coordination] What is 1net to me?

Shreedeep Rayamajhi weaker41 at
Mon Dec 2 05:19:32 CET 2013

To some extent it is reality that we all have been resourceful in creating
our own associations and approaches, whatever the functions are if its able
to achieve the goal then its modality or meaning can be understood. If not
then it would just sound like manipulation and politics that is being done
for specific motives. Irrespective to that the 1 net sounds like a  concept
launched for facilitating the internet.

I think working for the cause is good but adapting which approach is ur
individual choice.
Multistakholder means a collaborative cooperation among various groups of
people and the i*leaders taking the initiative makes me feel they wanna do
something but putting a bottoms up approach is something that distorts my

Paul through his article has tried to explain the situation but my question
to the i*leaders is  do we need one more organization or network, isn't it
giving a more discrete sense of the internet politics or power fraction
that rules and governance the internet ecosystem.

Cheers to Life
Shreedeep Rayamajhi

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On Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 9:21 AM, John Curran <jcurran at> wrote:

> On Dec 2, 2013, at 6:24 AM, Jorge Amodio <jmamodio at> wrote:
> > IMHO calling 1net a bottom-up initiative is as bogus as taking ICANN as
> a reference model of a working multistakeholder organization.
> Jorge -
>   I don't know if it a language issue or some other lack of clarity, but
> we don't seem
>   to be actually achieving communications.   You've replied implying I
> called 1net
>   "a bottom-up initiative" and such is bogus.
>   I did not say "1net is a bottom-up initiative", what I said was that
> while 1net was
>   brought into being by the I* leaders, that fact does not preclude it
> from being run
>   as a bottom-up initiative  _if folks desire such and participate_.
>  Specifically -
>       ' the only way "1net" will not be the result of bottom-up actions is
> from lack of
>         participation rather than lack of opportunity.   One would hope
> that folks who
>         have contact with "the real bottom" will work to make that
> community aware
>         of the initiative and enable their participation. '
>   In other words, 1net is certainly capable of operation as a bottom-up
> initiative; whether
>   it achieves that is more dependent on whether folks invite others to
> actively participate
>   or not.  It would be most excellent if you could help with inviting "the
> real bottom" to
>   participate and help make it truly bottom-up.  You are under no
> obligation to do so (but
>   obviously there is a bit of irony in complaining about lack of bottom-up
> participation in
>   1net after failing to participate and/or encourage others to do same.)
> Thanks,
> /John
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