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[I-coordination] What is 1net to me?

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at
Sun Dec 1 23:24:50 CET 2013

IMHO calling 1net a bottom-up initiative is as bogus as taking ICANN as a
reference model of a working multistakeholder organization.

Invitation to participate should have been done previous to any meeting or
creating or proposing to create a new layer of self declared governance
gurus and diverts efforts, attention and resources from other initiatives
that have been trying to keep the dialog open.

Perhaps this is a new way to keep flying in first class to exotic places.


On Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 11:39 AM, John Curran <jcurran at> wrote:

> On Dec 1, 2013, at 10:56 PM, Jorge Amodio <jmamodio at> wrote:
> > Thanks Paul, good article.
> >
> > BTW, it is interesting to observe that leaders or CEO's, including the
> rogue (and after the fact damage control made by the Bod) move by ICANN's
> CEO, does not exactly represent bottom-up actions.
> >
> > Not a single iota of consultation with the real bottom was made in
> relation to the events mentioned in your article.
> Jorge -
> We're trying to catalyze an activity via the formation of "1net" (with an
> open call for participation
> including formation of the steering committee.)  As folks probably realize
> from the initial awkward
> steps, it actually would have been _much_ easier to have a I*-specified
> 1net leadership and an
> I*-provided list of specific goals, etc.
> I acknowledge there is an inherent conflict between a set of leaders
> meeting and then calling for
> an initiative to be formed versus waiting for it to form organically, but
> having now called for its
> formation and allowing folks to participate (or not), to shaping its
> direction (or not), to seat folks
> on the steering committee (or not); the only way "1net" will not be the
> result of bottom-up actions
> is from lack of  participation rather than lack of opportunity.   One
> would hope that folks who have
> contact with "the real bottom" will work to make that community aware of
> the initiative and enable
> their participation.
> Thanks!
> /John
> Disclaimers:  My views alone.
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