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[I-coordination] What is 1net to me?

Marilia Maciel mariliamaciel at
Sun Dec 1 20:56:13 CET 2013

Dear Paul and all,

Thank you very much for this enlightening text. I particularly liked the
fact that you propose a role for 1net that goes beyond the meeting in
Brazil. I find this proposal interesting, but I would like to ask you some
questions. Sorry if any of these topics have been discussed before, I am
still catching up with previous messages to this list.

- Do you believe 1net could also play a role in a WSIS +10 review? If so,
what kind of role would that be? What are the concerns that we should have
today to create a platform that is also useful for the broader WSIS review

- How would 1net relate to the MAG and to its discussions? If we want to
strengthen the IGF, strengthening the MAG is very important. How can 1net
carry out inter-sessional discussions without displacing the MAG? Do you
envision a “division of labor”, so both can live together harmoniously and
strengthen one another? If so, could you elaborate a bit on that?

- From what I understand, you believe that strengthening the IGF would be
an acceptable or a “good enough” result for the meeting in Brazil.
Certainly, there are some of us that want to see the IGF strengthened, but
would also like to see concrete steps, or least a roadmap, when it comes to
principles and institutional arrangements. Do you (and others) in the list
think that 1net would be ready to work on proposals about that? These
topics have constantly been in the speeches of Brazilian hosts and of many
other non-gov actors. I think if the platform wants to be constructive and
make sure multistakeholder participation is reinforced after Brazil, it
should arrive in Brazil with ideas about these issues as well.

Let's not forget as well that we have a very detailed multistakeholder
report on IGF improvements, produced by the CSTD WG. Most of the concrete
things we need to do in order to strengthen the IGF are there. What we need
is to put those recommendations in place (so the IGF would become an even
more meaningful space for the community) and to have political commitment
with the Forum. If the issue of strengthening the IGF hinders other
necessary discussions, it could be a political shoot in the foot.

Thanks and congratulations for the text.

*Marília Maciel*
Pesquisadora Gestora
Centro de Tecnologia e Sociedade - FGV Direito Rio

Researcher and Coordinator
Center for Technology & Society - FGV Law School

DiploFoundation associate
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